Understanding Mind Body Spirit – The Trinity Explained

The mind is very active, and when it chooses to be separated and conflicting it can only perceive. It does desire to know, and chooses carefully out of uncertainty when it perceives. Even when we think about the process of our mind body spirit , we see it in a physical sense, often relating it to our brain, rather than our connection to the universe.

Mind body spirit is union while in this world, and You as the One whole Mind of God are the Trinity eternally.

God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are each a level in the whole Mind of God, the Trinity explained, and are the only levels capable of Unity. read more

Personal Values Beliefs and Fears – Has Pancreatitis Been One of Your Recent Health Issues?

Your body is a wonderful mind body spirit map that can guide you to create all the love, happiness and abundance you want in your life. Enhancing your mind body and spirit by mastering how to read this map is an intriguing journey in self awareness.

Louise Hay was an early pioneer in understanding how stress, personal values, beliefs and fears affect the body temple’s health. Let us now look at pancreatitis for simple complementary health tips you can add to your traditional medical approach. read more

Mind Body Connection – Dealing With Vertigo

Several years ago I suffered with bouts of vertigo. This out of balance disturbance was like spending the day literally on the tilt a whirl at a carnival, except the ride never stopped. The first time this happened to me I got out of bed and ran into the wall, the room and the floor were both spinning. I spent the rest of the day laying flat on my back afraid to move my head for fear this inside turbulence would begin again.

It took several tests and two doctors to determine that I had vertigo. In medical terms this is a condition that poses no real health threat and is unexplained. Unfortunately the medication did little for me except to make me drowsy and dizzy. Like many things in life I learned to compensate when vertigo struck, I did not move my head quickly, did not look up or down, and kept my eyes straight ahead. When a coworker suggested that perhaps my vertigo did not have only a physical cause I began to explore other possibilities. read more

Hamlet’s Problem – Mind Body Dualism and Hamlet’s Disconnect

In his seminal philosophical treatise, Meditations, Renee Descartes asserted that man is comprised of two entities, mind and body, spirit and matter. The chief concept underlying Descartes’ mind body dualism is that the physical/ sensory world is a poor reflection of the true spiritual world. Although Descartes is credited with the first systematic account of this relationship, first in De homine and subsequently in his Meditations, the underlying idea of mind body dualism can be traced back much further. An emerging fifth century Greek philosophy viewed the soul as distinctly separate from its physical counterpart. The soul was deemed the source of moral qualities such as temperance and justice (Lorenz). read more

The Rake Philosophy – 10 Min’s to Total Mind-Body-Spirit Connection!

The Way Of The Rake

Many years ago in the southern regions of a land far away lived a man by the name of Hewko. A poor man by providential state but rich in Mind, Body and Spirit.

“Relationships” he would say, “are the true paths to wealth of soul, peace of mind and health of body”.


“Relaxation is not for pillows as pillows are not for the relaxed”!

Many seemingly wise and yet puzzling things he did say. . . leaving the disciples who sought him no further along in wisdom than before. No more peace of mind than a rabbit in the wild afraid to venture out of its hole for fear of being eaten. No less confused and no more focused on their self imposed task because they failed to act. read more

Personal Values, Beliefs, Fears – Are Yeast Infections One of Your Current Or Recent Health Issues?

Yeast infections are a common health issue for women all over the world. In addition to using traditional medical treatment you may choose to explore complementary energy medicine and mind body spirit wisdom if this is one of your recent health issues.

Louise Hay is a long-time, respected pioneer in the field of mind body medicine. She has done phenomenal work in relating emotional and mental attitudes with specific illnesses.

The idea is that you can use the condition itself to help you understand the cause of the energy blocks that helped to create the physical challenge being experienced. In this way, re-balancing on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels can help to recreate balance on the physical level. read more